How to Write an Effective Thesis Statement for Your Essay

welcome to riding with dick today I have a very important question for you here it is what the heck is a thesis statement statement that sounds vaguely criminal doesn’t it like a deposition to police or something and thesis is that scientific like a hypothesis well no matter what you call it thesis statement controlling idea unifying concept you’ve got to have one for the same reason that a wheel has to have a hub to which it spokes attached because without that core concept in your essay around which everything revolves and to which everything attaches your essay could fall apart very very quickly let’s review a simple formula for writing a thesis it goes like this topic plus your opinion on that topic equals your thesis here’s an example let’s say your topic is prison overcrowding okay after thinking about and studying the topic you’ve arrived at an opinion about it prison overcrowding is a national shame now put those two together in one sentence and you have a thesis prison overcrowding in America is a national shame it’s as simple as that a thesis is simply your topic combined with the point you wish to make about that topic whether you call that point your opinion main idea slant belief hypothesis position or any of a number of synonyms for the same thing what you really want to say about that topic well that’s a relief isn’t it a thesis is neither a crime nor a scientific experiment it’s simply what you really want to say about a topic now that you have this good thesis statement you can use it to roadmap what is to come in the essay one of the key characteristics of a thesis statement is that it blueprints or predicts or roadmaps what has to come in the essay to follow let’s take a look at this characteristic and apply it to some common examples that you will likely encounter in school let’s begin with the topic already presented which was prison overcrowding our opinion a national shame we combine those two into a sentence to create our thesis prison overcrowding in America is a national shame now that thesis clearly predicts what must follow in the essay the writer will have to talk about shameful fact number one shameful fact number two and shameful fact number three in order to justify the thesis prison overcrowding is a national shame you see the writer really has very little choice there may be more than three shameful facts about prison overcrowding maybe fewer that depends upon the length of the assignment now here’s another important point if you alter the thesis the road map changes for example let’s change our thesis to this the reasons for prison overcrowding in America are shameful again the writer has very little choice in the essay must be shameful reason number one for overcrowding shameful reason number two for overcrowding and shameful reason number three for overcrowding or however many are required so once you have that thesis you have a very clear roadmap to what is going to follow and the rest of your essay this thesis as roadmap strategy can be used with a variety of topics that you encounter in let’s take a look at a few of these and some of the typical classes that you might find yourself in where you have to write essays this first copy could come from a history economics or sociology course and is also often encountered in the healthcare field here it is our topic is America’s aging population our opinion let’s see could cause problems in social security programs put those two together and we have our thesis America’s aging population will soon cause problems in social security programs now what must come in this essay to prove illustrate or corroborate that thesis you just read clearly there will have to be a discussion of Social Security problem number one that will be caused by the aging population social security problem number two social security problem number three and so on next here’s a possible topic from a business biology or even political science course industrial pollution the slant for your writing could be increased penalties for polluters now put those two together into a thesis statement increased penalties are needed for America’s industrial polluters clearly this essay will have to present evidence to justify the call for increased penalties in that thesis justification number one for increased penalties justification number two for increased penalties justification number three for increased penalty so as you see whatever you want to call that thing a thesis statement thesis sentence controlling idea unifying concept core concept slant theme whatever it is the hub of your essay if you get that thesis solid and precise you will roll right through your writing that’s a promise and that’s also today’s edition of writing with DES so long

In-Text Citations Made Easy (APA)

[Music] to begin a workshop let’s talk about the three most common mistake students make mistake number one is sort of obvious no sources used at all here’s an example the student makes some excellent points about a leaders emotional style and especially about one of the courses key concepts generosity but in the entire post the student does not refer to any of the many sources that discuss illustrate and explain the role that generosity plays in leadership mistake number two is providing only a reference citation every time you use a source you must have both an in-text citation and a reference citation they are a matched fair by not providing an in-text citation the reader does not know what specific information in the post was taken from the source that is listed as a reference in this example we have three paragraphs about communication strengths but no in-text citations so the reader must ask which of the three sources listed down below apply to which paragraph we don’t know because there aren’t any in-text citations to fix this DQ post we must add an in-text citation to the sentence or sentences that contain information from the sources that we’re using the information in the sentence about practice comes from the Welch video so we would add an in-text citation at the end of that sentence all in-text citations consist of the author’s last name date of publication and page number unless you’re referring to the whole work or quoting from a source that doesn’t have page numbers so let’s add parentheses Welch comma 2015 close parentheses and there is no page number because it’s a video the information in the second paragraph that training as an actor Hills comes from the Halperin and lubricants page one so let’s add that in-text citation the information in the third paragraph comes from the Alessandra PDF the entire PDF is about the Platinum rule so no page number is needed so now the post looks like this containing both abbreviated in-text citations in the paragraphs which in turn refer to reference citations at the bottom that provide enough info for the reader to find the source on his or her own one other thing to notice an in-text citation can only apply to the sentence it is a part of that’s right an in-text citation can apply only to one sentence at a time that raises the question how many times must I cite a single source and one paragraph the answer is as many times as you use that source if you use the same source three times in one paragraph you must cite it three times in that paragraph here’s an example Barker and Gower 2010 examine the use of leadership presence as a way to increase productivity in the workplace Parker and Gower present a model of leadership that facilitates communication throughout the organization Barker and galleries approach may not be suitable for all organizations but the information provided can be useful to any leader looking to increase communication success in the workplace and there’s the citation Barclays and Gower 2010 what is leadership presence so a little too much Barker and Gower I think so too at least the author knew that you only have to give a sources publication date once in a paragraph however avoiding the repetition of the author’s names is easy you just refer back to the source you’ve already cited like this Barker and our 2010 examined the use of leadership presence as a way to increase productivity in the workplace the author’s present a model of leadership that facilitates communication throughout the organization this approach might not be suitable for all organizations but the information provided can be useful to any leader looking to increase communication success in the workplace so the phrases the authors this approach and the information provided all make it clear that the sentences in the paragraphs all of them are based on Barker and Gower and we did it without repeating the author’s last names this is perfectly legal and necessary when you’re discussing a single source extensively in one paragraph and that brings us to a mistake number three end of paragraph citations like you see here when an in-text citation comes at the end of a paragraph the reader really doesn’t know for sure if the citation refers only to the last sentence of the paragraph or to all of the sentences in the paragraph above it so you want to avoid an end of paragraph citation unless it makes exactly clear which symptoms or sentences are being cited now let’s fix it notice how the use of the source has been integrated into the paragraph and it’s clear the citation refers only to the last sentence keep in mind that there are two and only two ways to use a source whenever you write one you can quote from it or two you can rephrase it in your own wording now regardless of whether you quote exactly or whether you rephrase it into your own wording you must always cite the source here are some examples the first one is a quote so obviously there is an in-text citation now notice three things a signal phrase such as according to or Adelle a States is used to introduce the use of a source that’s called signaling the source the author’s last name add la along with the year of publication 2017 is an in-text citation since the author’s last name Adela is mentioned in the sentence as a noun it is not inside the parentheses and finally a page numbers use if the information comes from a specific part of the source in the case of the quotation obviously the information is coming from a very specific part now if we rephrase the quote from a going into our own wording we still must provide an in-text citation as you see here now the in-text citation comes at the end of the sentence and the author’s name is inside the parentheses because the student writer chose not to use the author’s name

How to Write an A+ Term Paper

hi this is dr. stephen jones and i’m so glad you decided to join me again because i have a wonderful topic that will help you a lot as your parent term papers you know that in high school and college there are plenty of term papers that you have to do even some middle schools are now requiring term papers because we have all these computers and you can type things out you can make things happen easily but one of these that students have a problem with is just getting started so I have a great method that will help you get started actually in my book and I say let’s say you have a 10 page paper you can select a topic like music and then you can design three main subtopics under that jazz gospel and you might have a little of reggae something different and then write three pages on each of those that’s nine pages then an introduction and conclusion and there you have it a 10 page paper is really simple basically also tell students start off with the outline maybe that will help you to actually do the research that you need to do by having the outline as you design in terms of your topic so I’ve given you a method what you want to do is go out there books it’s really a lot of people think that books are old-fashioned but it’s still important to use books because you can actually find things inside the books you can find websites and other information that you can use to get that paper started also you want to start early so you can ask your professor or teacher what are some inputs that they would have the kind of people that they like to see or maybe they may even allow you to see some older papers that students at that successful on so i think is really important to get started early develop your outlines do your research make sure you give credit to whose credit is due make sure that you have organized paper and you’ll have success on that next term paper get started right now and check out my website there’s a lot information and tips that continue to give as you read through my website thank you and have a great day