My Benefits

My Benefits

Collect all your salary benefits in a dynamic and design personal space. Car leasing, group insurance, meal vouchers (…), give your employees an overview of the opportunities you offer them and boost the effectiveness of your benefits ! 

My Benefits in a few words

Your salary benefits

Gather all your benefits

The benefits you make available to your employees are an important complement to their pay and maximize the attractiveness of your company. But what is the point of offering benefits if your employees are not really aware of their value ?

My Benefits brings together all the salary benefits you offer your employees in the VIREO personal space. Each benefit can be presented and detailed in the form of animated tutorials, personalized messages and other dynamic contents.

Gathering all your advantages at the same place and simplifying them allows you to save a very profitable amount of time for your HR teams. The use and impact of the benefits you offer will be increased tenfold, as will the attractiveness of your company !

Gather all your salary benefits

Maximize the impact of your salary benefits
Impact of benefits
Give maximum visibility to your salary package
Visibility of the salary package
Simplify the accessibility and use of your benefits
Accessibility and use

The Luxembourgish salary benefits

The philosophy of the VIREO salary package is to be able to integrate some or all of the benefits you make available to your employees.

Meal vouchers / canteen

Meal vouchers are used to pay for a meal or to purchase ready-to-eat food.

Computer & Multimedia

You provide your employees with a personal computer, a tablet (...) and/or finance subscriptions to online services.

Interest subsidy

You can offer an interest subsidy to your employee as part of a loan or a credit.


You provide your employee with a smartphone and/or take charge of his telephone subscription.

Group insurance

The supplementary pension scheme is a contract in which you make an annual contribution to build up a supplementary pension capital for your employee.

Company vehicle / fuel

A vehicle made available to the employee for business and/or private travel. Fuel can also be financed on a flat-rate or unlimited basis.

Travel & accommodation expenses

You are responsible for certain expenses necessary to carry out your employee's missions (travel expenses, catering and hotel expenses, etc.).

Participation plans

These plans involve your employees in your company's performances and results.

Other benefits and documents

Other advantages exist and the VIREO personal space can group them together. Any document you consider useful to the employee can also be included in the personal space.

Complementary health

This insurance covers all or part of your employee's health expenses.

Public transport

You can offer or reimburse your employee for subscriptions or expenses related to public transport as part of his or her business and/or private travel.

Provision of accommodation

You can offer your employee a housing allowance or partially or totally finance his rent.

Tuition fees

You can cover part of the school fees of your employee's children.

My Benefits in 3 steps

Your added value

My Benefits brings maximum visibility to the overall salary package you make available to your employees. Make your employees your company’s ambassadors through the quality of the opportunities you offer them.

All your salary benefits combined

A unique and personalized personal space that includes some or all of the advantages you offer.

Boost the attractiveness of your package

Your salary benefits will now have as much impact as the cash salary you bring to your employees !

Maximize the use of your benefits

The use of your benefits will increase considerably. And this, while maximizing your attractiveness.