My Health

My Health

The mental well-being of your employees is the driving force behind your company’s prosperity. Thanks to My Health, you benefit from an internationally validated tool to regularly measure well-being and reduce psychosocial risks while personalizing the follow-up of each of your employees.

My Health in a few words


A digital scan to serve your performance

And if it were possible to drastically reduce or even avoid any psychosocial risk (stress, burnout,…) while customizing the performance monitoring of your employees ? 

At a time when well-being is both a vector of profitability and attractiveness, My Health allows you to effectively measure the well-being of each of your employees and to obtain an overview of your teams’ performance.

My Health is used by top athletes and many well-known companies. Internationally recognized, the programme is now supported and subsidized by the Flemish Government in Belgium.

In the form of a scan consisting of questionnaires and « games » that your employees perform, the tool can be perfectly combined with the strategies already implemented by your company to maximize the well-being of your teams.

Your employees : the engine of your company

Increase presenteeism in your company
Reduce the costs of stress at work and at home
Costs of stress
Boost the efficiency and well-being of your employees
Efficiency & well-being
Prevent psychosocial risks such a burn out
Risks of burn out

A personalized feedback based on 6 factors

Sensitivity to stress
Cognitive & visual skills
Work environment
Smiling employee loyal to her company thanks to the mesure of her well-being

For organizations, companies and their coaches

In high performance sport, athletes and teams make a difference through their mental strength and resilience. These athletes benefit from scientific and medical support to become mentally stronger.

My Health applies these principles to the business world. Mental and cognitive-visual skills are enhanced. Psychosocial risks can be detected preventively with impressive effectiveness.


We provide training courses of certified coaches

We create clear reporting that allows us to define advice at the employee, team and/or organization level. In addition to this advice, we work with your internal coaches and/or certified external coaches.

According to your request, we can train employees (psychologists, coaches,…) internally as certified My Health coaches so that they can, in turn, support your employees.

Anyone working in a service-oriented environment can improve significantly thanks to My Health. Our goal is to maximize the effectiveness of your employees by keeping an eye on their mental well-being. 


Training of an employee about his well-being at work

My Health in 5 steps

Your added value

My Health puts digital technology at the service of the human being. It combines the reliability of an internationally recognized measurement with the listening of certified and reputable advisors.  Your company obtains accurate statistics on the state of well-being of its teams.

Accurate statistics and personalized follow-up

My Health gives you an overview of the performance and well-being of your teams to customize their follow-up.

Setting up simple and effective

My Health is both a stand-alone tool and perfectly combinable with the strategies already implemented by your company.

Boost of presenteeism and efficiency

My Health supports your employees and your internal strategies to ensure that your teams are in top form.