My Lawyer

My Lawyer

Conflict situations can be very stressful for your employees. You give your employees the guarantee of privileged access to reputable lawyers in their region at attractive rates*.

*To protect the employer, labour law may not be covered.

My Lawyer in a few words


Your employees will feel protected

No one is supposed to ignore the law, but mastering everything is not easy.

A conflicting legal situation can last for a long time and generate human and financial costs that quickly reach high amounts. On the other hand, there are many categories of law. Finding the right lawyer for your needs is a time-consuming and costly headache today.

My Lawyer allows your employees to describe their legal needs and be redirected to the lawyer who meets their needs. Thanks to its algorithms and the simplicity of the application process, My Lawyer is an innovative tool that maximizes your employees’ sense of protection.

Best of all, your employees benefit from privileged access and advantageous rates from reputable lawyers in their region.

*Please note that, to avoid a problematic situation and protect the employer, labour law may not be covered by My Lawyer.

The global legal assistance for your employees

A premium relationship based on the need
Privileged access to lawyers renowned for their expertise
Advantageous rates negotiated in advance
All areas of law covered

The serenity to feel supported and protected

A premium legal protection

The services of the VIREO benefits package are complementary and interact with each other. That's why, thanks to My Need, your employees have access to all the legal protections of the market.

Your added value

My Lawyer is a premium tool for connecting your employees with the expert who meets their legal needs. Avoid stressful situations that could affect the work and spread over time.

A unique tool for your attractiveness

My Lawyer reinforces the feeling you have for your employees and offers them special attention.

A premium service to protect your employees

A private legal problem can affect the efficiency of your employees. My Lawyer also protects your performance.

A simple and reliable loyalty tool

Our benefits are designed to meet the basic needs of your employees. My Lawyer is one of its pillars.