My Need

My Need

Financial stability and a sense of security are two of the cornerstones of your employees’ quality of life. You provide them with a personalized analysis of their needs and the protection, development and optimization of their family assets.

My Need in a few words


Offer them more while spending less

The balance between professional and private life is a pillar of the efficiency and comfort of each of your employees. What if you could offer them more while spending less than a regular salary ?  

With My Need, your employees benefit from a human and digital service to analyze and optimize their financial needs and wealth. The goal ? Maximize their financial stability and remove the thorn in their side that causes stress and uncertainty. 

THE DIGITAL : My Need allows your employees to make a specific request digitally for insurance, investment, credit or simply a global analysis of their family financial situation. 

AT THE SERVICE OF THE HUMAN : thanks to VIREO and its European partners, your employees are entitled to an independent financial advisor and global access to insurance, investment and credit products in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and 15 other European countries. Approved by the Luxembourg State, these advisors have a single objective : to start from the needs of your employee and not from a product. They facilitate, optimize and educate the financial life of your employees.

In addition to My Tax and the income you bring to your employee, My Need is our personalized optimization service that reaches 100% of your employees.

Simplify their lives and increase their commitment

Increase the financial stability of your employees
Financial stability
Bring a sense of trust and protection to your employees
Trust and protection
Maximize the income of your talents
Family income

The certainty of a stable and optimized financial situation

A neutral analysis service

My Need aims to find the solution that meets the needs of your employees.

The most profitable benefit for your employees

Your employees feel protected and have an annual return on investment by avoiding certain costs or by seizing the best market opportunities.

Independent advisors

The objective of VIREO's partner advisors is to find the solution that meets your employee's needs.

My Need in 4 features
Your added value

My Need is an advantage that provides regular assistance in the family financial life of your employees. Like My Tax, it perfectly complements the annual income you bring to them. 

A neutral and profitable loyalty tool

Our VIREO benefits meet the basic needs of your employees. My Need is one of its pillars.

A strong argument for your attractiveness

A premium service that all your recruits will need. A source of financial stability and comfort that cannot be ignored.

A service that will soon become essential

Your employees each have unique financial needs. Once My Need is used, they will never part with it.