Our company

Our company


Our mission

Contribute to an innovative Luxembourg where economic prosperity and well-being at work are one !

Our VIREO values

Cadenas ouvert

Sharing accessibility

We want to create services that affect all individuals, whether they are Luxembourg residents or not and regardless of their income..

Pancarte "new"

Innovate to prosper

New technologies have the potential to solve some of the major problems in our society. Innovation must be at the service of people.

Cible avec flèche au centre

Personalize to valorize

You are unique and we cherish that. Each of the services we develop is adapted to your needs, expectations and projects.

Drapeau à damier

Seeking simplicity

We are constantly working with the ambition to make life as simple as possible at all levels of society. Starting with taxation and health...

Fusée en lancement

Collaborate to take off

Thanks to you, we are moving faster than ever. You help us create and improve solutions that make your daily life easier.

Symbole bouclier et protection

Defend neutrality

The best advice that can be offered is the one that does not require a counterpart from the beneficiary. We are independent and attentive to your needs.

VIREO in 3 objectives

Maximize the prosperity of your business through the positive impact of salary benefits
Develop the attractiveness of your company and the loyalty of your employees
Attractiveness and loyalty
Create unique and personalized solutions for each of your employees
Solutions for each employee

VIREO : "It's not a privilege"

« Contribute to an innovative Luxembourg where economic prosperity and well-being at work are one and the same ». 

This mission begins with enabling each employee to prosper and maximize his personal and family well-being. 

With more than 30 years of experience in wealth management and human resources management, we have always worked from two founding pillars : accessibility at the service of equity and innovation at the service of people.