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General Terms & Conditions of Use

Last update : Friday, February 19, 2021

It is important that you read these Terms and Conditions of Use carefully before using the Website and/or the Platform. 

VIREO invites you to enter these Terms and Conditions in PDF format before giving your acceptance to ensure that you give your express consent freely, without any haste, having read and understood all the terminology used.

If you use the Website and/or the Platform in any way whatsoever, you undertake to comply with the content of these Terms and Conditions of Use which constitute a Contract between VIREO and yourself.

In the event of total or partial refusal of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, you must not click on « I accept » but inform VIREO at the address gdpr@vireo.lu of the provisions with which you disagree. A total refusal could make the execution of the services impossible. 

Foreword :

The website https://www.vireo.lu (hereinafter the « Website ») and https://my.vireo.lu  (hereinafter the « Plateform »are put online by VIREO, a limited liability company established at 4, Rue Jean-Pierre Brasseur, L-1258 Luxembourg, registered with the Luxembourg Trade and Companies Register under number B222152 and represented by its current manager (hereinafter referred to as « VIREO« ).

Article 1. Object :

Under the terms of these General Terms and Conditions of Use, VIREO makes available to any individual using the Website and/or the Platform (hereinafter the « User« ) : 

  • a Website allowing to consult various information relating to VIREO and the services it offers ;
  • a Platform, intended for Users subscribed by their companies / Paying Users / Guest Users / Test Users / collaborators with independent status of a company and dependents composing their household), offering services, namely :
  1. myHealth : a measurement and prevention tool concerning the mental health / mental well-being of citizens and/or employees of a company ;
  2. myTax : a virtual tax assistant for resident and non-resident individuals to help them draw up their tax return (or annual statement) in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, obtain an overview of the opportunities provided by the State to pay less tax or determine the tax burden of their household. This system includes any forms and appendices to the declaration (or annual adjustment) ;
  3. myLawyer : a tool for analyzing legal needs and putting the User in touch with one or more specialized lawyers ;
  4. myNeed : composed of myInsure & myCredit : a tool for analyzing your wealth needs with a wealth advisor/insurance and/or credit intermediary to ensure greater neutrality ;
  5. myFirstStep : a support tool to start working in Luxembourg as well as the possibility of a personalized tutorial to present the company and gather documents/information useful for the integration of a new talent ;
  6. myBenefits : a tool that brings together the company’s salary benefits and can animate/present them in the form of tutorials.
  • a version of the Platform intended for professionals (financial advisors, wealth advisors, insurance agents, brokers, tax specialists, accountants, bankers, …) offering professional use of the services :
  1. myTax : a virtual tax assistant enabling professionals to draw up tax analysis, tax declarations (or annual adjustments) in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, to obtain an overview of the opportunities made available by the State to enable their prospects and/or clients to pay less tax or to determine the tax burden of their prospects and/or clients. This system includes any forms and appendices to the declaration (or to the adjustment) ;
  2. myNeed : an analysis of the  » wealth  » needs of a prospect / client, from the analysis of the need (insurance, credit, etc.) to the generation of offer, contractualisation and legal compliance documents (GDPR, MIFID, PRIPs, KIDs, etc.).
All or part of these services can be accessed via a connection to a highly secure area dedicated to the User.
In particular, personal, property and/or tax information are strictly confidential.

Article 2. Access to the Website and the Platform :

  • User account

Prior to any connection, User registration on the Platform (and the creation of his personal space) is mandatory (hereinafter the « Account »). 

The User is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of his Account and for all activities directly or through him.

The User undertakes to immediately notify VIREO of any breach in the security of his Account. The User expressly acknowledges and accepts that the Website and/or the Platform are designed and intended for restricted personal/family and/or professional use. In this respect, the User shall refrain from sharing his Account information (including his access codes) with any other person other than his spouse/partner, if any, or any other member of his household in his charge. Subject to reasonable care and diligence, VIREO shall not be liable for the disclosure of confidential information or losses resulting from unauthorized use of the User’s Account and failure to comply with these rules of use.

In order to use the Website and/or the Platform, the User must enter his/her identifier and access code to authenticate the Account. The User agrees to provide accurate and complete information when registering, and to update his/her registration data to ensure that it is always accurate and complete. Should the User fail to provide accurate, current and complete registration data on the Website and/or the Platform, VIREO reserves the right to suspend or terminate the User’s Account and to inform the employer, if it is the employer who has subscribed to this service for the benefit of its employee. The User agrees that VIREO may store and use the registration data on the Website and/or on the Platform provided by the User. Details on data storage can be found in VIREO’s Privacy Policy available on the Website.

Users have the right to access, rectify, modify and delete data concerning them personally. These rights may be exercised by post to VIREO at 4, rue Jean-Pierre Brasseur, L-1258 Luxembourg or by electronic means at : gdpr@vireo.lu.

  • Connection

Any User may connect to the Website free of charge in order to consult the information published.

Any User may connect to the Platform in order to use the services made available to him/her.

The User is informed that the Website and/or the Platform are accessible in SAAS (software as a service) mode and that access is made on his/her equipment, whether personal or made available by his/her employer (computer, digital tablet, smartphone, etc.), on his/her own internet access network (or that of the employer if applicable) compatible with the Website and/or the Platform and under his/her own responsibility. Telecommunications costs enabling access to the Website and/or the Platform are the responsibility of the User (or his employer, as the case may be), as well as the communication costs incurred by their use. 

The User acknowledges and accepts that it is his or her responsibility to meet the conditions for the proper functioning of the Website and/or the Platform.

It should be specified that, although the User uses his/her professional email address to access the Platform, the User’s employer has no access to his/her personal data.

  • Restriction of use

The User agrees to use the Website and/or the Platform only for the purposes allowed by these Terms and Conditions and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations or generally accepted practices.

If the use of the Website and/or the Platform by the User, or any other behaviour by the User, intentionally or unintentionally threatens VIREO’s ability to maintain the Website, the Platform and the confidentiality of the information attached thereto, or any other system, VIREO may take all reasonable measures to protect the Website, the Platform and/or preserve the stored confidential information, including the immediate suspension or termination of the User’s right of access to the Website and/or the Platform.

  • Availability of the Website and/or Platform

The Website, the Platform or any feature or part thereof may not be available in all countries. VIREO does not guarantee that the Website, the Platform or any feature or part thereof is appropriate or available anywhere. The User chooses to access and use the Website and/or the Platform on its own initiative and is therefore responsible for acting in accordance with any applicable law.

With regard more specifically to the myTax virtual tax assistant, as an annual update is necessary in order to adapt the content to new laws, regulations and tax interpretations in application, the service may not be available during the first few months of the year in order to guarantee optimal quality.

  • Cookies

VIREO wishes to inform the User in a clear and transparent manner on the use of cookies when browsing the Website and/or the Platform.

A cookie is a small text file stored on the hard disk of the User’s terminal (computer, tablet, mobile) by means of their browser software when consulting the Website and/or the Platform.

This means that a cookie is sent to VIREO each time the User opens a page on the Website or the Platform from his/her computer, tablet or mobile device. The cookies recorded by VIREO or third parties when the User visits the Website and/or the Platform do not personally recognize the User as an individual, but only recognize the device that they are currently using. Cookies do not store any sensitive personal data but simply provide information about the User’s browsing so that the User’s device can be recognized at a later date.

Cookies do not cause any damage to the User’s device, but make it easier, for example, to find their preferences, to pre-fill certain fields and to adapt the content of VIREO’s services.

VIREO cannot be held liable for any damage whatsoever resulting from or originating from cookies on the User’s device.

Only the User chooses whether he wishes to have cookies stored on his device and the User can easily control the storage of cookies. Refusal to accept cookies will hinder the User’s free consultation of the Website and/or the Platform.

For further information, the User is invited to read the Cookie Management Policy established by VIREO on the VIREO Website or by clicking directly on the following link : https://vireo.lu/en/cookies-policy/. 

  • Absence of transfer of rights

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall have the effect of conferring on the User any interest, title or licence in or to any identifier of the Website, Platform, domain name, email address or similar resource used by the User in connection with the Website and/or Platform.

Article 3. User’s obligations :

Access to the Website and/or the Platform as well as the consultation of the information it contains, as well as any interpretation that may be made of it, are carried out under the sole responsibility of the User who undertakes to make strictly personal and non-commercial use of it and not to reproduce it for a third party not belonging to the household (unless the User is subscribed by his company for professional use of the services).

In particular, the User undertakes not to harm or attempt to harm the integrity or security of the Website and/or the Platform. In this respect, the User undertakes, in particular, to scrupulously comply with the following rules :

  • not to download, display or transmit in any way whatsoever any content likely to undermine the integrity or confidentiality of the systems and data of VIREO, other Users and third party service providers ;
  • not to extract data appearing on the Website and/or the Platform in order to make an unauthorized re-use ;
  • not to copy, modify, in particular by decompiling, merging into another software or determining, the source code, algorithms, structure or organisation underlying the Website and/or the Platform ;
  • in case of doubt about the information provided or the reports drawn up by the Platform’s services, communicate to VIREO the origin and content of the dubious information/report.

In addition, the User must take all necessary measures to safeguard by its own means the information it deems necessary from its Account since VIREO will not provide it with any automatic copy, in particular upon termination at its own initiative, that of its Employer or that of VIREO or for any other reason.


User’s obligations specific to the myTax service

The myTax service is a didactic tool to assist in filling in the tax return/annual adjustment (hereinafter the « Virtual Tax Assistant » or « myTax ») allowing Users (or their household) to assert their rights but also to support them in their duties and obligations towards the Direct Tax Administration. The Virtual Tax Assistant generates a report for the User, in the case of a possible or mandatory taxation, containing a detailed explanation and all the forms (and any appendices) duly completed so that the User can provide all useful information to the Administration in order to be considered. 

The myTax service suggests to the User, by default, the method(s) of taxation which seems to him and/or his household to be the most favourable. This explicitly implies that if the User (or his household) wishes or should have been taxed in another way, the Service Provider can provide him with the desired form(s) by 31st December of the current tax year at the latest and, in any case, within a maximum period of two (2) months following the date on which the tax form was drawn up by the Direct Tax Administration. Under no circumstances can VIREO be held liable for the choice of taxation made by the User (or his/her household) or even for the failure of the User (or his/her household) to demonstrate any other choice within the above-mentioned time limits.

Should the User and/or his household receive a tax form mentioning a result that differs from the result presented by the Virtual Tax Assistant, the User must notify VIREO within two (2) months of the tax form being drawn up by the Administration at the latest if he wishes to call upon VIREO’s services to determine the origin of this difference and initiate a rectification procedure. VIREO cannot under any circumstances be held liable if this two (2) months deadline is not respected by the User.

VIREO declines all responsibility in the event of the User forgetting (whether voluntarily or involuntarily) income and/or expenses not declared by the User as well as any unreal seizure with the aim of reducing his tax burden (or that of his household).

If it turns out that VIREO does not take account of a particular situation, it undertakes to take responsibility at its own expense for filling in the tax return (or the annual adjustment) and/or its appendices and to provide human assistance to the User benefiting from access to the Platform. To do this, the User must simply contact VIREO.

It is the User’s duty to read all the recommendations made by the software (introductory page, recommendations, tooltips, etc.) and take the greatest care to correctly answer the questions asked when using the services.

Article 4. VIREO’s obligations :

VIREO devotes, within the limits of reasonableness, all the means at its disposal in order to ensure continuity of access to the Website and/or the Platform and to allow the User (and the members of his household) optimal use thereof. VIREO’s commitment results from a simple obligation of means.

VIREO ensures that its software is constantly updated by doing its utmost to offer the highest degree of relevance and reliability in its field. More particularly, with regard to the myTax application, if it turns out that, despite all the care taken, a particular situation has not been integrated into the software by VIREO, the latter undertakes to take, at its own expense, the completion of the impacted declaration (or annual adjustment) and/or its appendices and to provide direct support to the User when the latter so requests.

In addition, VIREO may also provide the User (and the members of his household at his expense) with a follow-up service (taxation follow-up) in the event of incorrect taxation by the Luxembourg Direct Tax Administration. The User (and the members of his household in his charge) may have access to this service by paying an amount defined prior to the launch of this service (or free of charge if the service is offered by the Employer).

Within the framework of its collaboration with the Employer, the User who subscribes to the other VIREO services (myNeed, myHealth, myLawyer, …) can benefit from the services of estate advisors, lawyers, coaches, … VIREO is not financially linked to these intermediaries and wishes to maintain its independence in relation to the advice offered.

VIREO also reserves the right to suspend access to its Website and/or Platform at any time in the event of interventions such as software maintenance and upgrades, hardware maintenance and development, or content updates, within a period of time determined by VIREO in order to maintain an optimal service.

VIREO may put online hypertext links that may refer Users to websites published and managed by authorised third parties. VIREO does not exercise any control or supervision over these third parties. It cannot be held liable for the content and services made available on third party sites, for any security or integrity problems with the User’s data, hardware and software, or for any consequences or damage that may result from the use of these applications and/or third party websites.

Article 5. Deleting the User’s Account :

  • At the initiative of the User

The User may request the deletion of his Account or stop using the Website and/or the Platform at any time. To delete his Account, the User must make a request by post to VIREO at 4 rue Jean-Pierre Brasseur, L-1258 Luxembourg or by e-mail to gdpr@vireo.lu.

VIREO cannot guarantee the User’s tax monitoring service :

  1. For any session deleted at the request of the User. In this case, it should be specified that the deletion of a session is an irreversible process ;
  2. For all sessions if the User has requested the deletion of his Account. In this case, it is advisable to specify that he will no longer have access to the Platform by means of its identifier. This operation is irreversible.

In all other cases, the User is informed that its data is kept and secured by VIREO for a period of five (5) years following the year of use (n+5) in order to ensure that the User and VIREO are able to respond to any retroactive request for tax monitoring or tax control by a competent authority when required or authorised by law.

Beyond the five (5) year tax limitation period for the preparation of the tax return, VIREO will not be able to provide the tax follow-up service.

  • At the initiative of VIREO

The User may at any time, without prior notice, immediately delete or suspend all or part of the User’s Account or access to the Website and/or the Platform in the event of unexpected technical or security problems that may in particular endanger the security of confidential information linked to the User. Such deletion or suspension shall be carried out by VIREO at its sole discretion and VIREO shall not be held liable to any person for any damage that may result from such deletion or suspension.

Article 6. Privacy :

VIREO undertakes to respect the utmost confidentiality of information relating to the User for the entire duration of the existence of his/her account on the Website and/or on the Platform, including during the data retention period once the User’s Account has been deleted.
In particular, with regard to Confidential Information (as defined below), subject to article 10 of these General Terms and Conditions, VIREO undertakes to :
  • not to use them for other purposes than the execution of the present contract ;
  • not to communicate them to authorized intermediaries (legal service provider, financial advisor, medical/coaching service provider), in any way whatsoever, without the prior written consent of the User concerned ;
  • preserve its confidentiality by applying provisions similar to those it usually uses to protect its own confidential information ;
  • ensure that the subcontractors (e.g. an IT service provider) with which it would be called upon to collaborate respect the same constraints. 

« Confidential Information » as used herein shall mean all information of any nature and in any form whatsoever communicated by either Party to the other Party, or which comes to the knowledge of either Party in the course of the performance hereunder (including the User Sessions), whether or not such information relates to the subject matter thereof, is or is not the property of the other Party.

Notwithstanding the above provisions, VIREO may access the Confidential Information for the sole purpose of properly providing its services, namely :

  • for assistance and helpdesk purposes ;
  • for the purposes of maintenance, improvement or verification of the results (technical, tax, legal) presented by the Platform to guarantee the reliability of the service ;
  • for anonymized statistical purposes.

VIREO may allow access to the Confidential Information to authorized third parties, in particular IT service providers, on the condition that such access is essential for the implementation and/or maintenance of the Services offered by the Website and the Platform.

In all cases, VIREO undertakes to process and record access to the Confidential Information in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR, Regulation 2016/679 known as the General Regulation on Data Protection, which is the reference text on the protection of personal data within the European Union.

The Confidential Information (non-anonymized personal data) may not be communicated to unauthorized third parties for commercial purposes or for any use not authorized hereunder.

It is reminded that the secrecy of correspondence (private correspondence being defined as any message exclusively intended for one or more natural or legal persons, determined and individualized through an email exchanged between two or more correspondents, from a messaging service) is not fully guaranteed on the Internet network and that it is up to each User of the Website and/or the Platform to take all appropriate measures to protect his or her own data.

Article 7. Liability :

When, for reasons of commercial development, VIREO gives access to the Platform, without any invoicing or subscription and for a period of time defined in advance, to staff members of a prospect, the latter shall have the status of « Test User ». They have access to a User Account that they create and thus benefit from the same access than the one of a paying User or a User subscribed by his company.

In their capacity as Test Users, their personal data are protected in accordance with the GDPR.

As this is a test space, VIREO does not incur any liability other than that relating to the confidentiality and security of the Test User’s data.

Test User data are destroyed at the end of the test period unless they become Subscribed Users through their company or subscribers through a direct affiliation (BtoC) or in the event of a specific request from the company (with the agreement of its staff).

The Website and/or the Platform is/are a mean(s) intended to help the User in his interactions with different organizations and/or service providers. It is in no way intended to replace the User’s appreciation or judgement.

The Website and/or the Platform are accessible in principle 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, except in cases of force majeure, difficulties linked to the structure of the telecommunications network, updates or technical difficulties.

Similarly, VIREO does not guarantee the quality of the communication links with the User and cannot be held responsible for any failures or malfunctions observed on the communication networks used.

Under no circumstances may VIREO be held liable for the consequences, of any nature whatsoever, related to any documents that may be generated by the Website, its Platform and/or one of its functionalities, on the basis of information transmitted by the User.

The functionalities offered by the Website, by the Platform, and the documents generated by this means, comply with Luxembourg legislation applicable to VIREO. VIREO wishes to inform the User that the Direct Tax Administration declines all responsibility for the functioning of the forms and the instructions and information they contain.

VIREO’s duty of care is based on an obligation of means, to the exclusion of any obligation of result, which the User expressly acknowledges and accepts.

Under no circumstances may VIREO be held liable for any damage suffered by the User – or by persons to whom the User has voluntarily or involuntarily allowed access to the Website and/or the platform – due to an event beyond the exclusive control of VIREO, and in particular for any damage falling within the scope of :

  • the authenticity, accuracy or relevance of the information sent to VIREO by the User ;
  • and/or the inappropriate use, whether or not it is wrongful, of the Website and/or the Platform by the User ;
  • and/or a malfunction of the hardware and/or software used by the User to access the Website and/or the Platform caused – among other things – by a virus, a security flaw, spyware, a rootkit, a server problem, etc., regardless of the person or computer system that suffers the said damage ;
  • and/or a suspension or disruption of access to the Website and/or the Platform resulting from the action of a third party and/or a case of force majeure including in particular labour disputes (strike, lockout, etc.) within VIREO or any subcontractor involved in the perfect availability of the Website and/or the Platform ;
  • and/or the temporary inability to consult the sources of information accessible from the Website and/or the Platform via links to other websites.

VIREO cannot be held liable to these same persons for any indirect damage. Its liability is in any event limited to the direct prejudice caused by the Website and/or the Platform under :

  • any disruption in access to the Website and/or the Platform by the User due solely to a fault on the part of VIREO proven by the User ;
  • and/or damage resulting from the consultation of the Website, the Platform and/or the use of the information contained therein ;
  • and/or damage caused by the Website and/or the Platform to the computer system used by the User to access the said site.

In addition, VIREO cannot be held liable under any circumstances when there is :

  • fault, negligence, omission, non-use of the Service or failure of the user ;
  • entering incorrect data or fraudulent use of the Service with the aim, in particular, of paying less tax ;
  • force majeure, events or incidents beyond VIREO’s control such as strikes, social unrest, public calamities, fires, etc. … ;
  • fault, negligence or omission of a third party or an intermediary (provider of various services : brokers, advisors, etc.) over which VIREO has no control or supervision ;
  • in the event that the User requests the tax follow-up service (within the time limit set – see point 4) and provided that it provides proof that it has done everything possible to rectify the situation, VIREO shall in no way be held liable for the non-acceptance by the Direct Tax Administration of the said rectification.
Under no circumstances can VIREO be held responsible for the choice of taxation made by the User (or his/her household) or even for the absence of any other choice by the User within the time limits mentioned in article 3. 
More specifically, with regard to the myTax service, the results of the final calculations provide the most accurate view possible on the taxation calculation. It goes without saying that these calculations and any taxation situation is established subject to acceptance by the Direct Tax Administration.
VIREO reminds that the Direct Tax Administration retains the power to interpret the declarations and annual adjustments submitted and cannot guarantee that the Administration’s interpretation will lead to results that are perfectly identical to the simulations / declarations / adjusments made. VIREO can in no way be held liable in the event of an error committed by the Administration or the adoption of a different interpretation or the adoption of a new jurisprudence / interpretation by the latter which would lead to a result different from the one expected.

Article 8. Guarantee of compensation :

The User shall indemnify and hold harmless VIREO, its representatives, employees and partners from and against any loss, damage, expense, cost, action, claim, suit, litigation, obligation, demand and liability that may be brought by a third party for (i) any use by the User of the Website and/or the Platform, as well as (ii) any breach by the User of these Terms and Conditions. 

Article 9. Intellectual Property :

VIREO and/or its authors are the owners of the Website and the Platform (presentation and content including, but not limited to, the source code of the Website and the Platform, fixed or automatically generated pages, photos, drawings, illustrations, sounds, videos, names, brands, logos, databases, software, algorithms, etc.).

All of these elements are protected by Luxembourg intellectual property law, with the exception of any rights that third parties may have over some of these elements.

Subject to the express reservation of the legal provisions on the subject and/or prior written authorization from VIREO, any copy, representation, distribution or redistribution, modification in whole or in part, sale, resale, retransmission or making available to third parties, in whole or in part, of the content of the Website and/or the Platform on any medium or by any process whatsoever would constitute an infringement likely to engage the civil and criminal liability of the infringer.

Any content reproduced and/or disseminated pursuant to a legal provision or prior written authorization from VIREO must contain identical copyright notices, other legends and information concerning the registered trademarks appearing on the original, as well as the source, quoting the internet address (URL) of the page and the mention « © VIREO ».

Article 10. Data security :

VIREO takes all useful precautions in view of the current state of technology and the nature of the data processed and stored in order to preserve the security and integrity of this data and, in particular, to prevent it from being altered, lost or accessed by unauthorized third parties.

VIREO or its service providers keep all data on secure databases that are backed up regularly and that meet the highest standards imposed for the confidentiality and integrity of tax data.

VIREO may use third party service providers located outside the European Union (e.g. an IT service provider for cybersecurity certification of the Platform). These service providers guarantee limited and verified access to personal and/or confidential data by authorized persons only. The server of these partners may be located outside the European Union, as long as data security is preserved. 

Article 11. Personal data :

Where it is responsible for processing personal data, VIREO is required to collect personal data (i.e. any information, of any nature whatsoever, including of a tax nature, relating to an identified or identifiable individual) directly from the User. These data are recorded in the information systems of VIREO and/or its sub-contractors.

Electronic data in the form of files may also be collected and/or deposited on the User’s computer system for the purposes of managing his/her connection and browsing on the Website and/or the Platform. The User may refuse the use of these files (also known as « cookies ») via the configuration of his Internet browser.

Adherence to these Terms constitutes express consent by the User to the processing of personal data concerning him/her as described in this article, some of this data being mandatory for the processing of the User’s requests.

The data collected are, in particular, intended to be used to analyse the User’s tax and/or wealth situation.

The following data : surname, first name, email address, password and location data are automatically collected and saved by browsers (« Server-log-files »). Data may be freely transferred for the purposes of statistical analysis, security and improvement of the service offered by VIREO and its partners. Indirectly nominative data for statistical purposes may also be collected for the purposes of managing the connection and browsing of the User.

The personal data collected may only be communicated by VIREO to authorized third parties to the extent strictly necessary for the proper functioning of the Website and/or the Platform. These communications may also be intended to ensure the security of computer networks and transmissions or to meet legal obligations to which VIREO is subject. 

The data collected may also be communicated to third parties (judicial authority or national regulator) when required or authorized by law.

The User concerned by such processing has the right to access, rectify and delete personal data concerning him/her, as well as the right to request that inaccurate, incomplete or outdated data be rectified, updated or deleted and to oppose, subject to the provision of a legitimate reason, the processing of personal data concerning him/her.

However, this opposition may result in VIREO being unable to provide the services described herein. These rights may be exercised by contacting the data controller by email at gdpr@vireo.lu or by post to the attention of : VIREO – Quality Department – 4 rue Jean-Pierre Brasseur, L-1258 Luxembourg.

VIREO ensures the protection of the User’s personal data in compliance with Luxembourg and European legal and regulatory requirements and refers to Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data in force since 25 May 2018. VIREO also refers to the amended Act of 30 May 2005 on specific provisions for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data in the electronic communications sector as amended by the Act of 7 July 2007.


VIREO requires the User to read the terms of the Privacy Chart carefully and completely to fully understand it ; it can be accessed directly by clicking on the following link https://vireo.lu/en/data-protection-policy/.


In accordance with Regulation (EU) N°2016/679, VIREO undertakes to notify the National Commission for Data Protection of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg of the breach within 72 hours following the discovery of a breach of security and privacy of personal data. VIREO further undertakes to inform the affected User provided that the incident observed is likely to adversely affect the level of protection of his privacy and data.

Article 12. Contact of the User :

VIREO may contact the User via the Website, the Platform, by email and/or by telephone whenever the proper functioning of the Website and/or the Platform so justifies, as well as whenever VIREO needs to establish contact with the User, for any reason whatsoever, insofar as its obligations under these terms and conditions so require.

Article 13. Convention of proof :

In order to record registration and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and future amendments, VIREO and its IT service providers have a computer system storing this information (identification of persons, principle of acceptance, etc.) in a database.

The User acknowledges that all data communicated by the User (or the members of his/her household in his/her charge) and stored by VIREO and its IT service providers shall be considered as proof and shall be deemed authentic in its relations with the latter.

Article 14. Amendments to these General Terms and Conditions of Use :

The relationship between the User and VIREO is always governed by the latest Conditions in application on the day the User uses the Website and/or the Platform.

VIREO reserves the right to amend these General Terms and Conditions at any time and to impose new or additional Terms and Conditions concerning the use of the Website and/or the Platform. In the event of a change to these General Terms and Conditions, the User will be notified of this update. However, the User may terminate his Account by email with acknowledgement of receipt within one (1) month from the notification of the modification of the General Terms and Conditions. If the User does not make use of this termination option within the period granted, he is deemed to have accepted the modification of the General Terms and Conditions of Use. The User accepts that VIREO shall not be liable to the User or any third party for any changes to the Terms and Conditions or the termination of the Website (and/or the Platform).

Article 15. Nullity of clause :

The nullity of one of the clauses of the present General Terms and Conditions of Use in no way affects the validity of the other clauses of the present General Terms and Conditions of Use.

Article 16. Applicable law and jurisdiction :

These General Terms and Conditions of Use are governed by Luxembourg law.

Any dispute concerning them is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Luxembourg courts of and in Luxembourg City.